TTS Network Time

TTN version: TTNv3
Board: Adafruit Feather M0
Activation: OTAA
Device Class: Class A
Last updated: January 22, 2023

This article provides instructions for requesting the TTS Network Time (UTC) and converting it to different times using Adafruit Feather M0 RFM95 LoRa Radio. If you haven’t set up Adafruit Feather M0 yet, check out our Adafruit Feather M0 tutorial (Activation – OTAA).



  • Adafruit Feather M0 RFM95 LoRa Radio
  • 1x wire
  • breadboard (optional)
  • PC + micro USB cable


Supported times in our program

  • Central European Time
  • United Kingdom
  • UTC
  • US Eastern Time Zone
  • US Central Time Zone
  • US Mountain Time Zone
  • US Pacific Time Zone
  • Australia Eastern Time Zone
  • Moscow Standard Time



Wire up the Adafruit Feather M0’s IO1 pin with pin 6.Adafruit Feather M0 assembly


MCCI LoRaWAN LMIC library setup

  1. On Windows open lmic_project_config.h located in \Documents\Arduino\libraries\MCCI_LoRaWAN_LMIC_library\project_config\
  2. Change project definitions to definitions listed bellow and save it.
// project-specific definitions
#define CFG_eu868 1                  //for Europe (change it based on your location)
#define CFG_sx1276_radio 1
#define DISABLE_PING 1
#define LMIC_ENABLE_DeviceTimeReq 1


Arduino IDE setup

  1. Run Arduino IDE.
  2. In the Arduino IDE Library Manager search Timezone by Jack Christensen and install it with all dependencies (library Time).


Printing times to Serial Monitor

  1. Copy and paste this TTS Network Time program to your Arduino IDE.
  2. In program replace APPEUIDEVEUI and APPKEY with keys in TTS. Keys are in TTS -> Applications -> YourAppName -> YourEndDeviceName -> Overview -> Activation information.
  3. Connect Adafruit Feather M0 using micro USB cable to your computer.
  4. In Arduino IDE click on Upload button to upload program to your Adafruit Feather M0.
  5. In Arduino IDE click on Serial Monitor button and you should see this:TTN Network Time Serial Monitor