Cayenne myDevices

TTN version: TTNv3
Last updated: January 21, 2023

For efficient visualisation, we use Cayenne MyDevices. Cayenne displays and stores data from devices and sensors providing visibility to behaviour patterns that support improvements on your IoT projects.myDevices_Dashboard_charts


Cayenne LPP

  1. First, your program must implement Cayenne LPP, and the Payload formatter in TTS must also use Cayenne LPP. For more information, check out our Cayenne LPP tutorial.


The Things Stack – Integrations

  1. In TTS -> Applications -> YourAppName -> Integrations -> Webhooks click on + Add webhook.myDevices_TTS_Integration
  2. Choose Cayenne.myDevices_TTS_Integration2
  3. Webhook ID – here you can name your webhook.
  4. Click on Create Cayenne webhook.myDevices_TTS_Integration3


Cayenne MyDevices

  1. Sign up (Register) for Cayenne MyDevices if you don’t have an account.myDevices_Setup_0
  2. Choose LoRa.myDevices_Setup_1
  3. Choose The Things Network.
  4. Search for Cayenne LPP and select it.
  5. To DevEUI field copy and paste DevEUI from TTS -> Applications -> YourAppName -> YourEndDeviceName -> Overview.
  6. Click on Add device.
  7. Wait for your end device to send some data.
  8. The data will be displayed on the dashboard.myDevices_Dashboard