New Tutorials Released I.

New tutorials for getting the sensors up and running in The Things Stack Community Edition (TTNv3) network were posted.

We have added tutorials for registering and setting up end devices in TTS. We currently use the following boards:

We have also added tutorials for making sensors:

To make a GPS Tracker, you can follow the instructions in the article GPS Tracker.

To display graphs and panels from measured data from sensors, you can follow the tutorial Cayenne myDevices.

If you are interested in mapping TTN network coverage, check out our tutorial TTN Mapper.

You can find more useful information in the new articles:

LoRa@VSB Migrating to The Things Stack Community Edition

Important: Dear users, we proudly announce that LoRa@VSB network starts to upgrade to The Things Stack Community Edition (also known as V3). The complete migration is complete at the end of June 2021.

The existing users of LoRa@VSB will need to migrate their devices to The Things Stack Community Edition not late than 1.7.2021. Register new end devices in a The Things Stack (V3) cluster and migrate your existing end devices now! Click here to read more.